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Sometimes the predictions of the climate of the professional agencies are too generic when talking about large geographical areas or cities. What happens when we want to know the weather that we will have in our neighborhood, our street or even our block? The weather stations for the home are there to help us. These are stations that imitate on a small scale some of the functions of their professional sisters and make climate predictions of our immediate environment.

Meteorology is the science that studies the state of weather and the atmospheric environment with the phenomena and laws that govern it.  Keeping ourselves informed of the weather is something we all do to a greater or lesser extent. Certain decisions will depend on this information to face the day or the week.  Well who has not seen peeping into the sky after getting out of bed, even executing the small ritual of taking an arm out the window to see if the decision to wear the coat of feathers is the right one. More warm if it is cold, more prepared against the sun  if the UV radiation is very high, with an umbrella if it is going to rain … The more information we have more prepared we will be, because in this case, as in many others, the information is also power .

Radio, television, internet, there are many ways to check current temperature, chances of rain, upcoming snowfall, etc. To all of them is added  the possibility of having our own predictive model at home based on the data of the immediate environment. These are  weather stations  for our home that will collect information from the outside and generate a weather forecast for us.

What is a Meteorological Station?

A weather station is a facility that records and reports on certain  climatic variables  with which predictive models are generated based on the specific time lapse data.  Professional stations belonging to universities or official meteorological agencies usually have well-known pieces such as different types of thermometers (normal, subsoil, minimum temperature near the ground), thermographs (temperature fluctuations), rain gauges (amount of  water  fallen per m 2 ), barometers (atmospheric pressure on the surface), and other  lesser known sensors such as the pyranometer (global solar radiation) or the nefobasimeter (cloud height). These professional stations are quite sophisticated and measure and record a huge number of variables on a regular basis that are processed by computer to generate climate models.

These predictive models help us control and prevent our environment . Whether it’s a barbecue with friends in the garden or a  getaway to the mountains  to stretch the muscles, if it’s going to rain and nobody has told us anything, we can find our plans seriously altered. It is also frustrating to get to the beach chased by that cloud that laughs at our suntan lotion or face a road trip without knowing that the snow of the decade looms and we have not thrown the chains to the trunk. The examples of plans ruined by inclement weather are endless.

Meteorological station for the home.

And although professional models are quite accurate, they are sometimes too generic because they orient large-scale climate across large areas or cities There are situations in which we are interested in knowing the weather forecast of our neighborhood, or even our street and that is where the weather stations for the home come into play.  In our immediate environment, the global predictions of the area are not always fulfilled even if they have been successful, it may have rained in a certain area of ​​the city and not in our house. Therefore, having your   own weather station is always a good option to go one step further in controlling our lives.

The  weather stations  for the home are much more than a thermometer, perform measurement functions, recording and calculating as professional but small – scale variables. They measure the  ambient temperature , the humidity and the pressure in the air through sensors to make a weather forecast based on the data of a certain period of time. It is a personalized forecast based on the data of our home  with the information of the previous days and that will perfectly complement the information that we find from the professional agencies.

Digital frame with weather station for your home of Intenso

These weather stations for the home have evolved and have sometimes incorporated other technological elements to complement their functions. This is the case of the digital frame and meteorological station of the “Intenso” brand that has merged the 2 concepts in the same piece.  It is a great solution to prepare for inclement weather while we have a digital frame with clock and alarm that allows us to show our pictures when the station’s interface is not used.

With this “Intenso” model we can choose between viewing a still image or a succession of images and all its functions can be configured with your remote control . It is a weather station capable of making a forecast based on measurements of ambient temperature, air humidity and atmospheric pressure over an extended period of time. The records are made thanks to an external sensor that must be located in a place protected from rain or direct sunlight.  It is a very complete tool, with an 8-inch screen that will look great on our nightstand, in the kitchen, in an office, anywhere a picture frame can go well.

Without a doubt, a weather station for the home is a must for those who accumulate thermometers in the corners, or who stick their fingers out the window before choosing a  sweater .  Technology comes to our homes and is put at the service of our families, always prepared for what comes … And one last thing, with the personalized weather information of our station, we will never stay without a chat in the elevator.