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The photovoltaic plants have become more and more in demand for convenience and also for convenience. People have noticed that it is good to be independent of the electricity grid and that you can also save money. 

There are photovoltaic systems and there are also thermal ones. Photovoltaic system generates energy from sunlight and transforms it into alternating electric current that is used throughout the house. 

The heating systems instead are those that generate hot water thanks to the pipe systems that can be glass or vacuum. The annual savings is a lot if you consider that a family can save even 1000 euros with thermal and much more with photovoltaic. Now let’s see in detail what it is.


Photovoltaic system prices – costs

The domestic photovoltaic system is in great demand in recent years, more and more. 

In particular the 3 Kwp power photovoltaic system. Why this guy? Because it is linked to the old incentives of the Energy Account that have been made to return the tariff to this type of plant. 

This “memory” has remained and obviously no longer has any reason to exist. Systems with 2 KWp or 3.5 or other measures could also work.

What you have to be careful about is to size the system according to your needs or to the space available on the house, roof or garden. I have nominated subsidies and this is very important. There are several and there is also the tax deduction to be taken into consideration. The costs to be amortized over the years are many, but still heavy compared to a few years ago. The prices of the panels have also decreased and have become more efficient.

The costs are amortized within 10 or 20 years and the photovoltaic panel lasts even more than 25 years. Then the prices of panels have not increased over the years, but as technology advances, they have also decreased . 

In 2016, prices went down is a downward trend that continued during 2017 and is expected to continue for another two or even three years.

Solar energy – the sector – deals with the use of zaliczanej solar radiation energy for renewable energies. deals with research, treatment and use of solar radiation energy. 

Solar radiation is the cause of many phenomena that occur on earth and used in the energy sector (winds, waves and sea currents, precipitation formation, feed the river. 

Słonecza energy, reaches Earth in large number in the form of the so-called “clean energy” refers to energy sources.

According to the study, in 2015 the average price of a module was 0.60 cents per watt or 55 cents of a euro (calculated on a Euro-Dollar exchange rate of 1.1). 

VAT and the cost of reloading for retailers must be added, so the amount must be multiplied by at least 1.5. There is also the cost of an inverter (around 30-40 euro cents per watt), brackets to fix the modules, meters, cables and labor for installation. 

With the thermal panels for example you only pay for the installation and labor and the panel is free. This is not the case with photovoltaics, but it could soon be this far. The price of a 3KWp photovoltaic system in 2016-2017 was between 4000 and 6000 euros. Much depends on the quality of the chosen modules.


Cost of photovoltaic panel

Photovoltaic panel has a very precise cost, a cost that depends on the quality of the material and also on the dimensions. 

Photovoltaic panels can be found in Italy from Chinese or European production. European photovoltaic produced in China is of companies like Hanwha, Q-Cells, REC, Solone and Axitec, which produce the modules only in Asia, while Jinko Solar, Renesola, BenQ who are Chinese make them in Europe.

cost solar panels – Pv Magazine has updated the average price of photovoltaic modules worldwide by dividing them into:

  • High efficiency modules with power above 275 watts (eg Sunpower and Panasonic Hit, Ntype) average price 0.69 euros per watt.
  • All Black Modules, Black , with a nominal power between 190 Wp and 270 Wp average price 0.59 euros per watt.
  • Usually 60-cell traditional modules with standard aluminum frame, white backsheet and power between 245-270 Wp, represents most of the modules on the market. Average price 0.51 euros
  • Low-cost modules , usually made in China, with low yield, in crystalline silicon average price 0.38 euros per watt.

To this must also be added the VAT of 10% and a mark-up of between 20 and 30% for the retailer. Here we only talk about the modules, but to create a complete photovoltaic system we also need the Inverter (costing about 0.40-0.50 euros per watt), support brackets, cables and meters.

For the house it takes a system for example of costs and not 100 kw and the price is quite reasonable for these medium-sized plants. Moreover, among the different types of modules and systems of which we have already spoken there are no major differences in price. 

The price of monocrystalline and polycrystalline silicon modules is intended, while the prices of the ” thin films ”, still little used, have not been detected.

Here again we have not calculated the prices of the new OPV modules, the so-called organic photovoltaic (they are made from sunflower seeds) which has reached efficiencies of 12%, but which still has no market.

Insurance for the photovoltaic system – photovoltaic systems costs

The purchase of a solar system is a long-term investment and it is recommended to evaluate the insurance coverage and the related costs. 

You can inquire at your insurance if it is possible to extend the house policy to solar panels. The ideal would be to stipulate a separate policy, for all risks associated with the use of the solar system.

The solar panels must be covered by insurance for damage to third parties and must be requested if it can be included in the insurance policy of the house. 

Usually the latter covers damage caused by natural events, theft and vandalism, fire. The use of photovoltaic solar panels but also installation presents some risks. Hail or a thunderstorm can damage the silicon cells that make up the panels. 

Failure to comply with safety standards can lead to a risk of electrocution, as well as other factors such as lightning, fire or any other natural or unnatural accident. All this could eventually cause the partial or total interruption of electricity, due to electrocution.

cost solar panels

cost solar panels? The insurance market offers many policy packages for the alternative energy sector. 

There are policies that ensure all risks, except those explicitly indicated. For example, the reimbursement is due to the economic damages suffered due to the partial or total interruption of energy production.

The cost of the policy depends on the insurance company and the type and size of the plant, so it can concern both photovoltaic systems and heating systems. 

The price is also determined by the location where the solar panels are installed, given that for a house in the mountains the risk is to be assessed differently from the sea. 

Some suppliers that carry out the installation, propose their own insurance companies to stipulate the policy. Instead, it is important to carefully evaluate with your insurance the possibilities to extend the insurance coverage of the house to the photovoltaic system or to the thermal plant or to take out a separate policy.

You have so much choice and lots of information, but first of all, turn to different suppliers and manufacturers to find a designer who could realize your dream of a home that produces green energy.